It was an absolutely freak accident

A wealthy 98-year-old man died after falling from his bedroom window while trying to free his cat, Honeybun. The 8th Marquess of Ailesbury, Michael Brudenell-Bruce, hit his head on the concrete patio below. His partner of over 30 years, Teresa Marshall de Paoli, found him in a pool of blood.

“It was a freak accident,” said Teresa, 88, explaining that he fell while pushing the window to free the cat. She recalled, “Oh, my dear, what happened?” but he was already dead. Emergency services pronounced him dead at the scene.

The police initially treated the incident as a potential crime scene, but Teresa was not arrested. She later said goodbye to him and sprayed his body with his favorite aftershave. “They thought I might have killed him,” she noted, emphasizing that it was an accident.

The Marquess, a former Eton student and Royal Horse Guards captain, had a diverse career and was related to Florence Brudenell-Bruce, an ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry. His granddaughter, Bo Bruce, appeared on the BBC’s The Voice. The family and police confirmed his death was not suspicious.