Internet Backs Man Who Kicked His Mom Out His Wedding for Wearing a White Dress

A man sparked a fierce debate online after claiming he kicked out every female member of his family when they all showed up at his wedding wearing white dresses.

The groom, using the Reddit username More-Concern3267, posted his dilemma on the Am I The A****** forum. He explained that his large family, mostly made up of “aunts and female cousins aside from mom, stepmom, stepsister, and grandmother,” often played pranks and set up initiation-style tests for new women entering the family.

Despite his pleas to his family not to pull any pranks at his wedding, the women arrived in white dresses, ignoring his warning. “I announced that if any of them showed up in white, I’d have them kicked out, including mom,” he wrote. When they did, he followed through, ejecting them despite their excuses.

The stunt caused a major rift, with his mom insisting they were just trying to test his wife and planned to change soon. The groom stood his ground, but the incident left him and his wife deeply hurt, and the family hasn’t spoken since.