If You Spot White-Painted Trees, Here’s What It Means

White-painted tree trunks serve a vital purpose, especially during winter. This paint acts as a protective measure against temperature fluctuations that can damage the tree’s bark. Rapid changes from warm daytime temperatures to cold nights can cause the bark to crack, which harms the tree. The white paint reflects sunlight, preventing the trunk from overheating during the day and reducing the risk of splitting.

Tree planters use water-based latex paint, diluted with an equal amount of water, to ensure easy application. They typically apply this mixture with a paintbrush or by spraying, making sure the trunk is evenly covered. This protective layer is usually applied once a year.

While other markings like orange dots mean a tree is marked for cutting and purple indicates no trespassing, white paint signifies care and protection. Understanding this simple yet effective measure highlights the efforts to maintain tree health, particularly in harsh winter conditions. So, when you see a white-painted tree, you’ll know it’s being cared for to ensure its healthy growth.

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