If You Spot A Home With A Star On It, Here’s What It Means

In late December 2020, a social media post sparked a rumor that homes with five-pointed stars were secret signals for “swingers,” couples who engage in partner swapping. However, there’s no evidence to support this claim. The rumor originated from a 2007 post on the StrippersOnline message board, according to Distractify.

These stars, known as barn stars or “Amish barn stars,” are significant for reasons unrelated to swinging. The Voice, an Ontario news outlet, reported that these stars are common on the homes of Pennsylvania Dutch families, symbolizing tradition and heritage.

The Morning Call, a Pennsylvania newspaper, noted that barn stars are believed to bring good luck and protection. Some interpretations vary by the star’s color.

Barn stars are popular decorations, especially in Pennsylvania, but they don’t signal interest in alternative relationships. The social media rumor misrepresented their true meaning.

The barn star reflects the rich tradition of Pennsylvania Dutch families, symbolizing heritage and good fortune. It’s crucial to understand and respect the true cultural significance of these symbols rather than spreading unfounded myths.