If You See A Wire Tied To Your Car Door Handle, You’d Better Know What It Means

Recently, viral stories and videos have sparked fears about suspicious items like water bottles or wires tied to car door handles, supposedly used by kidnappers to target women. For instance, a “1F” code outside a house is rumored to stand for “one female,” and a water bottle on a car is said to lure women out of their vehicles.

A video showed a car with a wire on its door handle, raising alarms about potential abductions. In response, a man explained on TikTok that this is an old tactic used by abductors. The wire delays the victim, giving criminals time to strike. He advises against removing the wire yourself and suggests going to a safe, populated area for help.

However, there’s little evidence supporting these claims. The “wire trick” first appeared in a 2015 Facebook post, and police reported no kidnappings due to this method. Human trafficking organizations do not recognize it as a trend. Experts dismiss these warnings as urban legends, emphasizing that traffickers typically operate online and target known individuals rather than strangers.

Stay vigilant, but these warnings are likely exaggerated.