If You See A Purple Butterfly Sticker Near A Newborn, You Need To Know What It Means

Expecting twins, Millie and Louis faced the devastating news of anencephaly,

a condition endangering their babies’ lives. Sadly, they lost one of the twins, Skye, soon after her birth. This painful experience inspired them to create the purple butterfly initiative.

They founded the “Skye High Foundation” and introduced purple butterfly stickers in NICU units worldwide. These stickers silently convey that a family has lost one of their babies in a multiple birth, preventing unintentionally hurtful comments during an already challenging time.

Millie and Louis can’t change Skye’s fate, but they offer support through support groups and initiatives like the purple butterflies. Their goal is to help parents facing similar heartbreaking journeys.

As Millie says, “Ultimately I will never be able to stop this from happening, but the more support groups we can set up and put things in place like the stickers, the better it will be. It’s the hardest thing anyone has to deal with.”

Their dedication showcases their resilience and compassion, making a meaningful difference for families in need,