If This Is Not a Miracle, Then Tell Me What It Is

In Clarksville, Tennessee, a story of resilience emerged after a destructive tornado swept through the Hol Park Mobile Home Community, claiming three lives. Amidst the chaos, a four-month-old baby named Lord had a remarkable survival story.

Sydney Moore, Lord’s mother, shared her experience. As she shielded her one-year-old son, Princeton, her boyfriend rushed to rescue Lord, who was in a bassinet. When the tornado hit, it swept the bassinet, with Lord inside, into the air. Astonishingly, Lord remained in the bassinet despite being tossed around by the storm.

After the tornado subsided, Moore’s first thought was her baby’s whereabouts. “It’s truly astonishing what happened next — they discovered Lord perched in a tree, with a deep cut on his face,” she said. Despite the injury, Lord survived, which Moore views as a miracle. The damaged bassinet serves as a reminder of their struggle and resilience.