I Went on a Date with My Brother’s Friend – Turned out It Was a Trap

My brother, Adam, set me up on a date with his friend, Stewart, claiming he was a great guy. Despite my doubts, I agreed to meet Stewart at a fancy restaurant. Adam reassured me, “You’ll thank me later.”

Stewart picked me up in a shiny sedan, and we headed to an upscale restaurant. The evening started well, with Stewart being charming and funny. But things took a turn when his card was declined. The waitress tried multiple times, but it was no use.

Stewart grew frustrated and asked if I had cash. “I told you I can’t afford this place,” I said, feeling trapped. The manager got involved, and the situation worsened. My phone buzzed with a text from Adam asking how the date was going.

Stewart admitted Adam had hired the car and promised to cover the date but didn’t follow through. We stepped outside to call Adam, who eventually arrived, laughing. “It was just a prank,” he said, paying the bill. I was furious, “You humiliated me.”

Stewart apologized, and we shared a moment of understanding. As I walked home, I realized Adam’s pranks had gone too far. It was time to set boundaries and reassess my trust in those around me.