I Was the Only One Who Went to My Grandma’s Birthday Brunch — After Seeing Her Tears, I Taught My Family a Lesson

When my beloved Gran-Gran invited our family to celebrate her birthday, I didn’t expect the heartbreak that followed. Gran-Gran, who practically raised me and my siblings during our parents’ divorce, means the world to me. Despite her health issues, she organized her 83rd birthday brunch, baking bread and pastries and handwriting invitations herself.

I arrived 10 minutes late due to work, only to find Gran-Gran removing plates and pouring coffee down the sink. Fighting back tears, she told me no one had shown up. It broke my heart to see her disappointment, and I decided to teach my family a lesson. After spending some time with her, I made a few calls outside.

First, I told my mom that Gran-Gran had fallen and was in the hospital, implying that her absence contributed to the “accident.” My mom agreed to send money for the imaginary hospital bills. I did the same with my brother and other family members, making them feel guilty and convincing them to contribute.

With the collected funds, I surprised Gran-Gran with a trip to a beautiful destination she had always wanted to visit. We created beautiful memories and celebrated her birthday in style. When we returned, Gran-Gran was glowing with joy. From that day on, my family never missed another event. Although they gave me the cold shoulder, I had no regrets. Seeing Gran-Gran’s happy face made it all worth it. If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?

This story is inspired by real events but has been fictionalized for creative purposes. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental.