I Returned Home from a 12-Hour Work Shift Just to Find Pizza Crusts Left for Me by My Husband as Dinner

I returned home from a 12-hour work shift to find pizza crusts left for me by my husband as dinner. My husband, Dave, had been unemployed for over a year and spent his days playing video games. Despite doing nothing for the household, he expected me to cook and clean after my exhausting shifts as a nurse.

One Friday, after a particularly grueling day, I ordered a pizza, hoping for a meal I didn’t have to prepare. When I arrived home, I found the pizza box empty except for crusts. Dave nonchalantly said, “I was hungry. It’s your duty to cook for me, but I left you the crusts.”

I decided to take revenge. The next morning, I made Dave his favorite breakfast, then went to my sister’s house to plan. My sister, a tech whiz, helped me redirect every website Dave tried to visit to a message: “This is what happens when you treat your wife like a servant. Enjoy the crusts of your own actions.”

For days, Dave struggled with the blocked internet and emails. Eventually, he apologized, promising to contribute more around the house. I had my sister undo the tech block but warned him that “Internet Purgatory” could return if his behavior didn’t change.

Dave has since become more helpful and serious about finding a job. He even has a promising interview. Our relationship improved, and I gained respect for myself. Sometimes, a little petty revenge is just what’s needed to set things right.