I rented my apartment to this sweet old couple – when they moved out, I was shocked to find the truth

When I rented my apartment to Hans and Greta, a sweet elderly couple with warm smiles, I thought I’d found the perfect tenants. They paid rent on time, kept the place immaculate, and left thank-you notes. But as their lease ended, they seemed rushed to move out, citing urgent family matters. When they left, I discovered the hardwood floors were gone, leaving only bare concrete.

I texted Hans, who replied, “In the Netherlands, it’s tradition to take the floor with you when you move. We were in a hurry because our granddaughter needed help with her new baby. We’re so sorry for the trouble. Please visit us in the Netherlands.”

Skeptical, I asked a private investigator to look into it. He discovered Hans and Greta were part of a scam, stealing valuable items from landlords. They were selling my floorboards at an antique market. We set up a sting, and the police arrested them.

Later, I received a letter from the real Hans and Greta in the Netherlands, whose identities had been stolen. They invited me to visit, hoping to rebuild my trust. Trust is fragile but powerful when placed in the right people.