I Left My Husband after He Used Me as a Cook and Nanny for His Kids – 15 Years Later, His Daughter Brought Me to Tears

I married Will, a widower with two children, Tamara and Nick, thinking we’d be happy. Soon after, I realized I was more of a nanny than a wife. Despite working full-time, I handled all household duties. Will dismissed my exhaustion, saying, “I deserve to relax.”

Our marriage deteriorated as he became disrespectful, influencing the children to treat me the same. Within a year, I knew I made a mistake but felt bound by promises to my stepkids. Eventually, I left, leaving a heartfelt note: “I can’t continue staying in a situation where I feel so undervalued and used.”

Fifteen years later, Tamara called, making me cry with her words: “You left the most beautiful memories in mine and Nick’s lives.” They remembered me as their main mother figure, expressing gratitude for my kindness.

Seeing them as adults, I felt pride and regret. Despite questioning my decision to leave, I realized that stepping away sometimes leaves a lasting, positive influence. Could it be that my departure helped them grow into the wonderful people they are today?

Do you think I did the right thing by leaving? What would you have done in my shoes?