I Booked a $2,000 Rental for a Group Trip, but No One Paid Me Back Their Share of the Cost – They Didn’t Get Away with It

Excitement turned to frustration for Sarah when her friends dodged paying their share of the $2,000 cabin rental. She had a plan to ensure they didn’t get away with it.

Every year, our friend group plans a girls’ weekend getaway, and this year was mine. The cabin I booked cost $2,000 for three nights, just $250 each for our group of eight. Everyone agreed to pay me back before the trip, but as the date approached, excuses started rolling in. Mary needed new brakes, Brittany’s student loans were tight, and Melissa had to wait for her paycheck. Soon, I was out $2,000 and feeling used.

The night before the trip, I sent a cheerful group text, hiding my plan. The next morning, I stocked the cabin with groceries, then left with the keys and garage door opener. When my friends arrived, they found the cabin locked and bombarded me with calls and texts. I replied, “Oh no! So sorry, guys. Must have left the keys at home. But hey, the good news is I’m on my way back now!”

I finally sent, “Look, I’m happy to come back and let you all in, but only once everyone has sent over their share of the rental cost.” Payments started rolling in within an hour.

Returning to the cabin, I found my friends relieved but awkward. “I hope I made it on time!” I chirped. Apologies were made, and we managed to have some fun. By the end of the trip, the tension eased, and they understood the consequences of not keeping their word.