Howie Mandel opens up on his condition

On “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Howie Mandel revealed his struggles with mental illness, stating his celebrity status negatively impacts his mental health. Despite appearing cheerful in public, he often feels differently when alone. Mandel confessed, “I’m heavily medicated,” shocking Clarkson.

Since childhood, Mandel has battled anxiety and OCD, feeling isolated and labeled “strange.” As a judge on America’s Got Talent, he finds daily life challenging despite enjoying his work and family.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, his anxiety intensified with constant thoughts of mortality. Mandel kept his conditions secret until 2006, fearing it would hinder his career.

Despite severe depression, Mandel uses comedy as a coping mechanism. By sharing his story, he hopes to end the stigma around mental health. He acknowledges the ongoing battle but remains optimistic about raising awareness and understanding.