How to Choose Healthy Eggs for Cooking

Cooking with eggs is a staple in many kitchens. Whether baking a cake or making scrambled eggs, it’s important to choose eggs from healthy chickens. Here are simple ways to determine the quality of an egg before using it in your recipes.

The color of the yolk can vary depending on the chicken’s diet. Most eggs have yellow yolks, which we tend to associate with healthy eggs. However, there’s more to consider.

Store-bought eggs typically have yellow yolks, but a bright orange yolk is a better indicator of a healthy egg. This vibrant color shows the chicken’s diet is rich in vitamins and nutrients, indicating a healthier chicken and better quality eggs. So, when it comes to yolks, remember that orange is the new yellow!

Dark yolks may indicate a lack of certain nutrients in the chicken’s diet. While not necessarily unsafe, it’s best to choose eggs with brighter yolks for maximum nutrients.

By paying attention to the yolk color, you can make better choices when selecting eggs for your recipes. A bright orange yolk means a healthier chicken and a better-tasting dish!