“Her Breasts Weigh 110 lbs”: What Does The Woman With The Largest Natural Breast In The World Look Like?

Annie Hawkins-Turner, known as Norma Stitz, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest natural bust. Her breasts weigh 110 lbs and are a significant part of her total body weight of 160 kilograms. Standing at 168 centimeters tall, Norma has faced numerous challenges due to her extraordinary size. From enduring teasing at school to dealing with unwanted attention, her life has been far from ordinary.

Despite the difficulties, Norma has never considered surgery to reduce her bust size. Instead, she embraces her body with pride and continues to promote a message of self-love and body positivity. Norma’s health remains a priority, and she engages in daily exercises to stay toned. Supported by her late husband, Alan, until his death in 2005, she has been a vocal advocate for embracing one’s natural self.

Now at 65, Norma feels more confident and beautiful than ever, inspiring others to love and accept their bodies unconditionally.