He Puts a Ring from a Tree Trunk on a Record Player. This Is the Most Extraordinary Sound of Nature I Have Ever Heard

Listen carefully. What do you hear? Crickets chirping, birds singing, or leaves rustling? These are familiar sounds of nature. But have you ever listened to a tree trunk? Specifically, the rings inside it? Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck did just that, transforming tree rings into music with a unique record player.

Traubeck’s invention interprets the colors and textures of tree rings into musical notes. Using a PlayStation Eye camera and a motor, he captured data from the rings, then used Ableton Live to convert this data into piano tracks. The result? An eerie yet beautiful sound reminiscent of silent movie scores.

Each tree has a unique ring pattern, creating a distinct song for every tree. Traubeck’s work offers a novel way to appreciate nature, revealing the hidden melodies within tree rings.

Experience this extraordinary sound of nature, and let the enchanting melodies of tree rings transport you to a new realm of natural beauty.