‘Have No Words’: Melissa McCarthy Shows Off Drastic Weight Loss in ‘Tulle’ Mint Dress, Stirring a Hot Discussion Over Her Look

Melissa McCarthy turned heads at the Center Theatre Group’s annual gala in Los Angeles,

donning a mint green tulle dress that marked her dramatic weight loss. At 53, the actress showcased her transformation in a gown complemented by a matching blazer, stirring various opinions online.

Despite the backlash she’s faced over her weight, McCarthy remains open about her journey, having once followed a strict diet that she vowed never to repeat.

Her recent look prompted mixed reactions from the public. Critics and fans clashed on social media; one person mocked the choice of tulle, while another admired the bold fashion statement, saying, “Gorgeous! Love you in this color!!!”

McCarthy, reflecting on her past experiences with weight loss, has stated, “I eventually told myself, ‘Oh, for goodness’ sake, stop fretting about it,’ and it might be the best decision I’ve ever made.” This attitude resonates with her confidence at the gala, where she celebrated not only the arts but also her personal milestones in style and wellness.