Guy Texts Photo Of Girlfriend To His Mom, Doesn’t See ‘Tiny’ Detail On Bed

When Maison Vallance’s mother asked for a favor, he happily obliged, seeking out a red garment she had gifted him. Instead of locating it himself, he enlisted his girlfriend, Meghan, to assist,

Maison innocently sent his mother a photo of Meghan sitting on the bed with the red garment folded across her lap. Finding Meghan too beautiful not to share, he also posted the image on Twitter.

However, a friend noticed something scandalous in the background of the photo: long crimson ropes slung across the headboard behind Meghan’s head. Maison was mortified when he realized what he had unintentionally included in the picture.

Despite his embarrassment, Maison managed to make light of the situation as the photo went viral. While the true purpose of the ropes remains a mystery, Maison’s family found humor in the situation.

Thankfully, Meghan’s mother doesn’t use social media, sparing the couple any further embarrassment.