Gutfeld strikes back, takes down Joy Behar in under ten seconds. The new king of late night Greg Gutfeld went all in on Joy Behar of The View and he didn’t need to say very much

In a lively episode of The View, Joy Behar addressed Fox News host Greg Gutfeld’s frequent critiques with humor and wit. Gutfeld, known for his provocative commentary, often targets Behar and her colleagues. When co-host Sunny Hostin mentioned Gutfeld’s obsession with Behar, she feigned ignorance, quipping, “Who is he? He has a show? I’ve never heard of him. I guess he’s just obsessed with me!” This drew laughter and applause from the audience.

The conversation also touched on Geraldo Rivera’s departure from Fox News’ The Five. Rivera, one of the few liberal voices on the show, claimed he left voluntarily, but Behar humorously suggested otherwise: “Everyone says they quit. I said I quit years ago when they fired me. No one’s giving up these lucrative jobs so easily.”

Behar’s dismissive comments showcased her ability to handle Gutfeld’s provocations with grace and humor. This moment underscored how, in the realm of political commentary, a well-timed quip can effectively defuse criticism.