Former President Jimmy Carter Lives In A $167,000 House, Shops At The Dollar General Store and Donates Most Of His Money To Charity

Jimmy Carter, the 39th president and the oldest living former president, exemplifies modesty in his lifestyle. Residing in a simple two-bedroom ranch in Plains, Georgia, Carter’s home, built in 1961 by himself, is valued at a modest $167,000, “less than the value of the armored Secret Service vehicles parked outside,” according to the Post. This stands in stark contrast to the median home price in Georgia of $319,431.

Carter is renowned for his frugal habits. He enjoys dining with neighbors on paper plates and shops at his local Dollar General store. Despite having the means, he chooses to fly commercial, reflecting his commitment to a humble life. He once told Rolling Stone, “It just never had been my ambition to be rich.”

His income primarily comes from writing books, including children’s books, and he receives a standard $221,400 annual pension for former presidents. Unlike his contemporaries, who have amassed substantial wealth post-presidency, Carter donates most of his earnings to charity, maintaining a lifestyle that endears him to many who admire his integrity and simplicity.