For The Love Of All That Is Holy, Here’s Why You Should Stop Backing Into Parking Space

1. Safety Concerns
Backing into parking spaces can be risky. Despite modern safety technology, “mistakes are still very common.” Not seeing everything around you can lead to accidents, especially with pedestrians and other cars.

2. Inconvenience to Others
Backing in often causes delays for other drivers, particularly in crowded lots. “It’s frequently just inconvenient for other cars to have to wait for you.”

3. Skill and Technology Limitations
Many drivers lack the skill to back in properly. “Although it’s technically better to reverse into parking spaces, most people, in my opinion, merely lack the necessary skills to do so.” Not all cars have backup cameras, making the task even harder.

4. Legal and Practical Issues
In some places, backing in is illegal. It can also obstruct traffic and make it difficult for others to see your brake lights. “In several counties and states, the practice is prohibited in particular municipal lots.”

5. Better to Pull Forward
Pulling forward into spaces is safer and more convenient for everyone. “For optimal visibility and added safety, it is recommended that you pull into a parking place.” This method reduces risks and keeps the flow of traffic smoother.