Famous country singer killed in horror crash just a day after her birthday

Beloved country singer Ivana Pino Arellano, known as “La Rancherita de Chanco,” died in a tragic car accident on the M-80 road near Pelluhe, Chile, one day after her 32nd birthday. The car, which flipped over due to wet conditions, left Arellano dead at the scene and her passenger seriously injured.

Pictures of the crash show the badly damaged vehicle lying on its side against a wall, covered by an orange tarp. Arellano, a rising star and mother of four, was celebrated for blending traditional Latin American sounds with modern styles.

The Municipality of Chanco confirmed her death, stating, “Ivana personified the spirit of public service with passion and love.” They added, “Your departure leaves a void impossible to fill, but your legacy will endure through time.”

Her funeral took place on June 17 at Curanipe Parish Cemetery, attended by family, friends, and fans. The Municipality of Chanco expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Ivana, for giving us days full of light and peace.”