Ex-Model On Addiction And Homeless Life: ‘I’m In A Lot Of Pain’

Loni Willison, a former fitness model, has publicly attributed her struggles with addiction and homelessness to her tumultuous relationship with ex-husband, actor Jeremy Jackson. In an interview with X17 Online, Willison, 39, discussed the profound impact of their rocky marriage, which ended in 2014, and the alleged abuse she endured.

Once a regular in fitness magazines, she now faces severe health challenges and lives a transient lifestyle, avoiding indoor spaces due to a unique sensitivity to electricity and metals, which she believes began after being “electrocuted” daily for nearly a year.

Despite the availability of help, Willison has not sought assistance, feeling that her condition is beyond aid. Her appearance has changed significantly; she now has short, unkempt hair and missing teeth, and she lives with constant pain. Jeremy Jackson, known for his own legal troubles and substance issues, has not publicly responded to Willison’s accusations. Willison’s story underscores her ongoing battle with her past and her efforts to find stability and peace.