Evidence of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Breakup Comes to Light

It seems Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may have called it quits. Reports suggest Affleck has left their Beverly Hills home and is now residing in his Brentwood home. Despite this, both have been seen wearing their wedding bands.

There have been notable solo appearances. Ben was absent from Jennifer’s side at the Met Gala due to filming “The Accountant 2.” However, he was seen at Tom Brady’s roast in Los Angeles the night before. Recently, Jennifer was spotted house hunting alone in Los Angeles, sparking speculation that she might be looking for a place to live on her own.

The couple was last photographed together in March in New York City. Ben has been staying in Brentwood, close to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and their children. He has been attending events for his kids, possibly explaining his stay in Brentwood.

As of now, neither Jennifer Lopez nor Ben Affleck has made any public statement about the breakup rumors. Fans, who were excited about their rekindled relationship, are left disappointed and concerned. Speculations about their split continue to rise, fueled by their recent separate lives and solo appearances.