Dad photographs daughter in front of giant horse, looks closer and bursts out laughing

In an age where everyone carries a cell phone, spontaneous photo opportunities often lead to unexpected laughs. This rings especially true for a father who inadvertently created a hilarious moment while snapping a picture of his daughter.

When the little girl paused to pose in front of a row of horses on the street, little did she know she’d capture the internet’s attention. Originally shared on Reddit, the photo quickly gained viral fame.

Imagining the scenario isn’t hard: a family outing, perhaps a parade, where they encountered majestic Clydesdale horses. Encouraged by her dad or another relative, the girl turned around for a photo just as the photographer said, “Say ‘cheese.'”

The result? A sidesplitting photobomb by one of the horses. Though the exact origin of the image remains uncertain, its comedic impact is undeniable. It’s the kind of picture that’s bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.