Dad gets massively shamed for putting leashes on his 5-year-old quintuplets

Jordan Driskell, a 31-year-old father of 5-year-old quintuplets, faced massive criticism online for using child leashes to manage his children in public. Raising five energetic and curious children of the same age can be overwhelming, and Driskell sought a practical solution to keep them safe and under control. Previously, he used a 6-seat stroller, but it became inconvenient and uncomfortable for the kids.

Driskell shared a video of the family visiting an aquarium, where the children wore leashes, which quickly went viral with over 3 million views. Many viewers harshly criticized him, saying, “Children are not animals,” and questioned his parenting choices. Some suggested he should better train his children instead of using leashes.

However, parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa defended the use of leashes, stating they can be effective for young or neurodiverse children in public settings. She emphasized that using a leash is preferable to staying home and that parents should have the freedom to choose their methods without unnecessary judgment.

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