Car Company Uses Offensive Slogan for 70 Years, Outrages Mother and Child

An Australian car rental company, Bayswater Car Rental, is facing backlash for its offensive slogan “no birds,” displayed on its fleet for 75 years. Nicole Van Dijken and her 7-year-old son were shocked by the slogan, prompting Nicole to investigate and explain its sexist implications to her son.

Founded in 1958, Bayswater Car Rental initially had a policy of not hiring women drivers, using the term “birds” to refer to women or delivery girls. Customers had to pick up their cars themselves, hence the slogan. Nicole expressed her frustration, stating, “It’s a sexist slur, and I had to explain that to my son.”

Despite the criticism, the company refuses to change the slogan, directing customers to their website for historical context. They argue the term “bird” was once friendly, but acknowledge it is inappropriate today. The slogan has faced opposition since the 1950s, with even Nicole’s mother objecting to it in a letter to a newspaper.

In an era valuing inclusivity and respect, businesses must recognize the impact of their language. Outdated and offensive slogans can alienate customers and damage reputations. Adapting practices to reflect modern values is crucial for business success.