Can you spot the problem with this picture?

Sometimes, the toughest riddles are those hiding in plain sight. They stare right back at you, just waiting to be noticed.

If you enjoy puzzles, take a look at the one below. Puzzles are popular because they boost mental skills, enhance memory, and improve problem-solving abilities. They also provide a break from daily stress and offer a sense of accomplishment.

Take a close look at the photo of the three ladies sitting on a bench. At first, nothing seems unusual, but there is something off. Two of the ladies are seated with their legs crossed.

The issue is right in front of you, yet many struggle to see it. The brain often looks for hidden signs rather than viewing the whole picture.

Try starting small and taking in the entire scene at once. This approach can offer valuable life lessons too. When faced with obstacles, try to recondition your mind to approach them from a simpler perspective. This might be the key you need.

As for our puzzle, if you haven’t found the solution yet, check the photo below. The ladies are hanging in the air.