Bully Suckerpunches Cheerleader Who Doesn’t Want To Fight, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma

A California cheerleader was caught on camera repeatedly telling a bully that she did not want to fight. Moments before being sucker punched, she said, “Nobody wants to fight, no one wants to fight with you guys.”

After the punch, the cheerleader swiftly retaliated with a series of punches and flipped her larger opponent to the ground, then continued to land more blows.

Her sister, Sierra Sprague, posted the clip on Twitter, proudly captioning it: “so my little sister got in a fight tonight and i don’t think i’ve ever been more proud, with her phone in her hand & everything lmao THATS MY MF SISTER LETS GOOOOOOO.”

When asked if her sister faced any disciplinary action, Sierra confirmed she was not in any trouble despite wearing her school uniform during the incident.