Boss Accused Me of Faking That I Have a Son & Got Me Arrested after I Asked For a Week off to Care For My Sick Kid

When Annie’s son fell seriously ill, she took a week off work. Upon returning, she found her boss had arranged for her arrest.

“I’ve been working for a company for ten years,” Annie recounted. “One day, my five-year-old son, Kenny, became very sick. I had to be there for him.” She informed her boss, Mr. Williams, about her leave. He was furious due to an upcoming meeting but Annie stood firm, prioritizing her son’s health.

Upon returning to work, Annie was met by a police officer. “Annie Mills, you have the right to remain silent…” the officer said, arresting her on false charges. “Annie, it has come to my attention that you don’t have a son,” her boss accused. Confused, she was taken to a holding cell.

In despair, Annie called her best friend Mia, an attorney. “There’s something shady going on here,” Mia noted. She discovered Mr. Williams had bribed the officer to frame Annie, hoping to terminate her employment and withhold her salary.

Mia’s intervention led to Mr. Williams’s arrest. “It’s all a done deal now. Prison will be his home for the foreseeable future,” Mia assured Annie. The company compensated Annie with $40,000, distancing itself from Williams.

Now, Annie works with Mia, handling her firm’s marketing. “I feel safe and can provide for my son without worrying about who I work for,” she said