At the age of 66, woman gave birth to her first child: Today, this is how their life looks like.

At 66, Adriana Iliescu made headlines as the world’s oldest mother when she gave birth to her daughter, Eliza, in 2005. Seventeen years later, the duo shares a close and joyful life, despite Adriana often being mistaken for Eliza’s grandmother.

A former university professor and author of over 25 children’s books, Adriana continues to work part-time in Bucharest, maintaining both her physical and mental health remarkably well.

Adriana faced significant criticism and ethical concerns about her decision to become a mother at such an advanced age, especially from religious communities. Yet, she has consistently defended her capability as a mother, emphasizing her healthy lifestyle and the potential longevity in her family, which could see her daughter into adulthood.

Eliza, now 17, is an honor student with aspirations for college, reflecting her mother’s scholarly influence. The relationship between Adriana and Eliza is a testament to the bond they share, grounded in love and mutual respect. Adriana has even arranged for Eliza’s future care, designating her IVF doctor as Eliza’s godfather and legal guardian should anything happen to her.

Their story challenges societal norms about age and parenting, highlighting a narrative of resilience and profound familial love.