At only 62 years old, the legendary actor is unrecognizable!

It seems like Hugh Laurie is diving deep into a new role, both in front of and behind the camera, for the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”.

His appearance might have changed, sparking comments about him being “unrecognizable”, but it’s not uncommon for actors, especially those as versatile as Laurie, to transform for their roles.

His work spans genres from comedy in “Blackadder” to drama in “House”, and now, a Christie mystery showcases his broad range. The shift in his appearance could be related to his role or simply the natural changes that come with time.

It’s exciting to see him take on such a multifaceted project, especially one that he has a personal history with and enthusiasm for. Directing and starring in the series, alongside talents like Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent, Laurie is set to bring a fresh take on Christie’s work.