At 56, Pamela Anderson’s minimal makeup look at the Met Gala sparks debate – “Looks older than her age”

Pamela Anderson’s appearance at the 2024 Met Gala, showcasing a minimal makeup look, sparked a mixture of criticism and praise. At the event, held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anderson opted for a light touch of golden eyeshadow, pink blush, and glossy lipstick, complementing her cream-colored Oscar de la Renta dress adorned with diamond strings and crystals.

Critics on social media were quick to scrutinize her look, with comments ranging from her looking “older than her age” to displeasure about her hair and makeup choices. One observer noted, “She looks older than her age. More like a woman in her mid 60s,” while another lamented her hair, suggesting, “Her hair looks like she was sleeping on bad pillows!”

However, many defended Anderson’s natural appearance, celebrating her simplicity and elegance. Supporters praised her for standing out with her understated style amidst the typically extravagant Met Gala looks. “Pamela is the best and the most beautiful of the whole lot. Simple, elegant, natural and stunning and practical,” one admirer commented. Another said, “She looks better than 90% of women there.”