At 56, Halle Berry’s totally naked picture got all manner of reactions at the weekend

Over the weekend, 56-year-old Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry sparked significant attention online by posting a bold nude photo of herself on a balcony, captioned, “I do what I wanna do.” While many fans praised her, some criticized her for her age. A particular comment read, “Imagine being in your 50s, still posting nudes for attention in menopause when you should be chilling with the grandkids. Aging with dignity is no longer a thing.”

Berry responded to the criticism with a witty retort, highlighting her nonchalance and humor: “Did you guys know the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?” This clever comeback was celebrated by her followers, with one fan commenting, “As someone roughly your age… keep living your best life and sharing whatever the heck you want when you want.” Another added, “Imagine getting mad because a beautiful woman is proud of her body, couldn’t be me.”

Actress Audra McDonald also supported Berry, tweeting, “You won the internet today with this clap back.” Berry’s response illustrates how she gracefully handles public scrutiny and reaffirms her autonomy.