Apple issues warning for people who leave their iPhone on charge while they sleep

Apple recently issued a warning about the dangers of charging iPhones overnight, highlighting potential risks such as overheating and fire. The company emphasized that obstructing the phone, such as placing it under pillows or blankets, can significantly increase the risk of overheating. This can not only impair device functionality but also lead to dangerous fires.

In their safety memo, Apple advises against prolonged skin contact with charging cables and recommends maintaining a well-ventilated charging environment to prevent heat build-up. They also caution against the use of non-official chargers, suggesting that users opt for accessories that meet international safety standards.

A firefighter from Kent Fire Rescue supported these warnings, noting the risks of being unaware of a fire while asleep, and the dangers posed even by genuine chargers. Apple’s guidance focuses on safer charging practices, emphasizing the importance of being awake and vigilant while charging devices to ensure safety.