Angelina Jolie’s Inheritance Plan: What does it mean for her children?

Angelina Jolie, renowned actress and philanthropist, has allegedly decided to disinherit five of her six children, leaving her $116 million fortune to her son Maddox. This surprising move is rooted in gratitude for Maddox’s support during her difficult divorce from Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt, her ex-husband, is reportedly upset, feeling this decision creates unfairness among their children. The Jolie-Pitt family has faced significant turmoil, including a highly publicized divorce and allegations of Pitt assaulting Maddox, which were later dropped.

Pitt believes all their children should be treated equally and is concerned about the potential long-term impact on family dynamics. This inheritance plan highlights the challenges and difficult choices even famous families face. As the situation unfolds, it raises important questions about inheritance, family relationships, and the effects of high-profile divorces.