Am I a Bad Mother for Kicking My Pregnant Daughter Out?

Discovery and Disappointment ,

Ella, a single mother, was taken aback when her 19-year-old daughter, Rose, revealed she was pregnant and engaged to her boyfriend, Nathan. Despite initial shock and concern for Rose’s college prospects, Ella embraced the news, accepting Nathan as part of the family and beginning preparations for the upcoming wedding and grandchild.

Betrayal and Consequences However, Ella’s acceptance turned to dismay when she returned home unexpectedly to find Rose inappropriately dressed with another man, not Nathan. This betrayal, occurring in their home which was being prepared for the new baby, led to a confrontation where Ella’s hurt and anger were palpable. Rose pleaded for forgiveness, but the deceit was too significant for Ella to overlook.

Difficult Decisions Feeling betrayed, Ella asked Rose to leave, struggling with the decision but needing space to think and heal. She now questions whether to inform Nathan about the infidelity and contemplates the consequences of her actions, torn between her feelings of betrayal and her role as a mother. Ella seeks advice on whether her decision was guided by wisdom or hurt, facing an uncertain future with her daughter.