After A Tough Divorce, Kevin Costner, Found Love Again—And You Might Know Her

Kevin Costner, a former wife of Christine Baumgartner, is reportedly in a relationship with singer Jewel, as they were spotted together at a tennis event.

The couple, Costner and Baumgartner, recently visited the Caribbean after a post-divorce court battle, where Baumgartner filed for divorce and Costner paid $63,209 in child support, evicting Baumgartner from their home.

Costner appears to be on the bright side, with speculations of a new relationship with Jewel, who expressed gratitude for his involvement in a tennis fundraiser on Necker Island.

Jewel and Costner are rumored to be back together, with Jewel being “picky” and Kevin as a good man, bringing hope and positivity after a challenging divorce.