After 2,000 years, the true face of Jesus has finally been revealed.

The traditional image of Jesus as a tall, fair-skinned man with long hair and light eyes doesn’t,

match the historical reality. The New Testament provides no physical description of Jesus, and when he was arrested, soldiers couldn’t distinguish him from his disciples.

Forensic anthropology, using science, reconstructed Jesus’ appearance. Scientists created X-ray images of Semite skulls from his region and concluded he likely had dark eyes, a beard, and short, curly hair. Historical records suggested he was around 5 ft. 1 in. tall, muscular, and weather-beaten due to carpentry work.

Reproduction of the holy shroud at the Saint François Xavier Chapel, Paris, France.

Dutch photographer Bas Uterwijk used advanced technology to create an image of Jesus that aligns with his historical context. He combined various facial references to refine Jesus’ ethnicity, hair, and beard, drawing from artistic portrayals and historical norms.

Historical documents indicate people in Jesus’ region had olive-toned skin, black hair, and brown eyes. Joan Taylor, an expert, emphasizes that Jesus was a product of his time, with a darker complexion, short hair, a beard, and sandals. Please Share if you love GOD!