A student builds a 14-square-meter house to get rid of debts, but when he sees it from the inside, he is speechless

College is a special time for learning, maturing, and making friends, but it also comes with challenges, particularly finding affordable housing. Apartments are becoming increasingly expensive and hard to find.

Texas student Joel Weber faced this issue. “As students, we are tight for cash and already spend a lot on books, photocopies, tuition, and other expenses.” Frustrated with high rent, Joel had a brilliant idea: build his own wooden home.

Joel used architecture books from the library, spent all his savings, and completed the house in a year. “I knew it was a risk,” Joel admits, but building the house cost him $15,000.

Once finished, Joel was free from paying rent. His house may look modest from the outside, but inside, it’s surprisingly spacious and well-designed.

Despite being only 14 square meters, the tiny wooden cottage efficiently uses its space. One clever feature is the stairway, which also serves as storage.

Joe’s innovative solution to high rent is an inspiring story for many students.