A New Start for Little Johnny

Little Johnny, a lazy student who was struggling with Math, underwent a major change when his parents decided to enroll him in a local Catholic school. Surprisingly, this decision sparked a newfound motivation within him.

After his first day at the new school, Little Johnny went straight to his bedroom and diligently started working on his Math homework. Hours passed by as he immersed himself in the problems, determined to conquer them. The same pattern repeated itself the following day, and the day after that.

Intrigued by her son’s sudden dedication, Little Johnny’s mother and father couldn’t help but inquire about the transformation. They ventured up to his room and posed the question, “Johnny, what brought this on? You’re putting in so much effort!”

To their surprise, Little Johnny responded with a smile, saying, “When I walked into my Math class on Monday and saw a picture of a man nailed above the blackboard, symbolizing an addition operation, I instantly knew they meant business!”

Little Johnny’s encounter with the powerful visual representation of the plus sign sparked a realization within him – the Catholic school took Math seriously, and he wanted to rise to the challenge.