9 Things You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip

“Be cautious when using power strips,”

  1. Oven and Refrigerator: These power-hungry appliances should have dedicated outlets on their own circuits, as plugging them into a power strip can lead to problems.
  2. Washing Machine: Due to its high power consumption, a washing machine should always be directly connected to a receptacle, ideally on a separate circuit.
  3. Heating Devices: Auxiliary heaters should be used cautiously and never plugged into a power strip to avoid circuit overload.
  4. Microwave: Although not used frequently, microwaves consume a lot of energy and should have their own receptacle.
  5. Coffee Maker and Toaster: These kitchen appliances also draw considerable power and should not be connected to power strips or extension cords.
  6. Stacking Power Strips: Plugging one power strip into another is a risky practice that can lead to fires and electrical hazards.
  7. Electronics (Computer, TV, Router): Sensitive to surges, electronics should not be plugged into power strips to prevent potential damage.