9 Dangerous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make

Glass stovetops are sleek and easy to clean but require careful handling to avoid damage. Here are nine dangerous habits to avoid:

  1. Using Rough or Abrasive Cleaners
    “Avoid using rough or abrasive cleaners,” which can scratch the surface. Use a gentle cleaner designed for glass stovetops.
  2. Placing Heavy Pots and Pans
    Glass stovetops can crack under heavy cookware. “Use lightweight pots and pans” to prevent damage.
  3. Sliding Pots and Pans
    Dragging cookware can scratch the glass. Always lift pots and pans instead of sliding them.
  4. Leaving Spills and Stains
    “Clean spills promptly” to avoid baked-on stains and damage.
  5. Cooking with Dirty Cookware
    Residue from dirty cookware can harm the stovetop. Ensure your pots and pans are clean.
  6. Placing Hot Lids Face Down
    Hot lids can cause sudden temperature changes and crack the glass. Use a heat-resistant surface.
  7. Ignoring Cracks or Chips
    “Don’t ignore cracks or chips,” as they can expand and cause the stovetop to shatter. Seek repairs immediately.
  8. Heating an Empty Pot or Pan
    Empty cookware can overheat and damage the stovetop. Always have food or liquid in your pots.
  9. Not Following Manufacturer’s Instructions
    Follow specific care instructions to avoid damage and safety hazards.

Avoid these habits to keep your glass stovetop in top condition.