18-year-old tragically dies weeks after collapsing at high school graduation

Despite struggling with severe cardiomyopathy and a recent heart failure diagnosis, Sienna Stewart managed to walk across the stage to receive her diploma, a moment her family will forever cherish.

On her graduation day, Sienna suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. Paramedics arrived quickly, and once she regained consciousness, she tearfully insisted on completing her walk across the stage. Sienna had received a heart transplant ten years ago and lived with severe cardiomyopathy since the age of four. Earlier this year, she began “getting sick” and “getting weak and slowing down.” Her mom, Saevon Chum, revealed that Sienna sometimes experienced episodes where she collapsed, including on her graduation day.

As Sienna collapsed, the high school principal announced, “Just give us a second please, we have a student, just give us a second…” Saevon recalled to Fox5Atlanta, “She had collapsed. She had had another episode. But this was the first time she collapsed unconscious.”

“All she could tell me is, ‘I just want to graduate, I want to walk,’” Saevon explained. Sadly, a few weeks after graduating high school, Sienna passed away. “Till the end, I was proud,” Saevon said.