13-Year-Old Boy Killed By What Fell From The Sky As He Was Playing Basketball

A tragic incident occurred in Indiana when 13-year-old Noah Inman was struck by a falling bullet while playing basketball with friends. Around 9:30 p.m., Noah suddenly collapsed, and witnesses initially believed he had suffered a seizure. However, at the hospital, doctors determined he had been hit by a bullet fired into the sky.

Authorities concluded that the bullet was likely fired as a celebratory shot. The Hammond Police Department issued a statement urging residents to refrain from shooting guns into the air, especially during celebrations like the Fourth of July, emphasizing the severe consequences of such actions.

Following Noah’s death, the Hammond Police Department expressed their condolences, saying, “We wish you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.”

Despite investigations, the shooter has not been identified. Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. called the incident a “ridiculous fluke,” comparing it to being struck by lightning, and emphasized the senselessness of the tragedy.

Noah’s baseball team honored him by embroidering his initials and jersey number on their caps during games. His coach, Juan Maldonado, described Noah as a “dream kid” who was dedicated, hardworking, and never complained.